Thursday, July 31, 2014

CIS Final Project

A. What did you hope to learn when you signed up for this class, and what did you actually learn from this class? 

Honestly I signed up simply because I had to for my degree.  I didn't think I would learn very much considering I have been around computers for a long time.  However I learned a good bit about some of the functions of Office that I didn't know existed such as certain shortcuts and things to accomplish my finial goal.

B. Is there anything that you could have done to be more successful in class, and is there anything the instructor could have done to help you be more successful?

No.  I think the class was on point.  I made sure to do all the assignments on time ect. and the instructor had plenty of videos and help in order for you to accomplish your goal.

C. Where will you go from here with computers and technology?

I use computers and technology everyday at work, so this will simply help me to ensure I can complete all tasks assigned to me there.

D. What do you see as your strengths and weaknesses with using the technologies and software applications we have learned about this semester?

I was very comfortable using all the software and technologies in class.  I had no problems learning anything that was assigned.

In conclusion, I found the class to be enjoyable and believe even the most savvy computer users could learn something.  However I did find the Microsoft IT assignments to be extremely long.  Some of which to hours apon hours to complete.  In my opinion the time could have been better served simply with a few more videos to help complete the projects and attain the same goal.  The IT assignments were extremely to long considering this was an introduction class.